Grade 6


When I Think of Home

When I think of home I think of my amazing furry animals and my warming family. In the summer the air is filled with many appealing aromas like the smell of wet dog, or the smell of burning tree bark. Home is where I act all goofy and I run around. watching scary movies with my family for sure is a tie breaker, especially ‘’scream’’! I love it especially when its summertime and my dad finally home after a good long 3 weeks of work we always go down to either our beach or our neighbors’ they don’t mind. Quad rides and fishing are also very fun to do, driving down the long yet narrow dirt roads out near the farmers’ fields and the river. I like to read and listen to music up in my room while the sky is a very dim outside and everyone else is downstairs. basketball after school is most enjoying, bouncing a ball around and just chucking it at hoops trying not to let anyone else grab that one ball and being shouted at by the coach is very enjoyable to me anyway. Feeding the random birds who happen to just insert themselves into our yard isn’t that bad either.