Grade 5


When I think of Home

When I think of home, I think of help when I need it. When I walk through the door I always feel loved. When I think of home I think of shelter. Every day after school my family is always there.

When I think of home,I think of a warm meal and clean water. Home is where the heart is. When I get home,I feel comfort. When I’m at home,I feel warmth[which by the way I sometimes find hard for other families]. Home does not have to be a shelter,It can be where you came from. It also can be where you feel comfortable.

When I’m asleep,I always have a bed to sleep in. In the morning,I’m always able to wear clothes that are warm and comfortable. If and when I’m sick I am always able to get the medicine I need. During the day I can always read books to entertain myself. When I’m at home,If I want to be creative I have access to blank paper to let my mind flow. When I sleeping I have a blanket to keep me warm and cozy.

At home, I feel like no one is going to make me feel like I don’t belong. Everyday I tell myself that I am enough and that I am trustworthy and that I am good to be me. Also when I’m with my mom, she reminds me that It doesn’t matter what people think It just matters what I think of myself. When I’m at home I just listen to the sounds around me.It sounds quiet and peaceful and mellow.Its so beautiful. At home I feel loved. My home is the most Important thing to me.