Grade 5


When I think of Home

When I think of home , it’s a place that’s comfy and warm, even on days where there are big storms.

Just like some food to make me healthy and look right.

A place with friends, family, and pets to keep me warm safe and company.

The place where nobody can judge you base off your look and appearance.

It’s the place to make your wildest dreams to come true, and make new imaginary friends.

Home is a place to lay in bed to rest my head, count sheep, and get some sleep.

It a place to play games, and make up new silly names.

The place to hide from monsters, even if its mom, or sister making me scared.

It’s the place to fill peoples buckets, when people’s highs are low.

A home can be a house, but some people don’t live in houses, some live in tents. It’s fine if there happy, and if they get some rest.

A home is a place to make you happy, and to fill you mind with joy.

A home that’s just right for you, or a place that makes you happy.

The real meaning if home is the place that feels right to you, the place that makes you feel safe and warm is the perfect home for you.