Grade 6


When I Think of Home

When I think of home I feel safe and happy. It’s a place I lay in pj’s and relax when I walk into the house. I know I can be myself it’s a place to meet family and friends and share memories together the bad ones and the good ones but ones that mater the most are the memories of us together with our family and friends. And when I’m sad and lost I know where to go because I know where I’m going. I’m loved. My home is filled with drama and craziness. Okay sometimes I fight with my brother and sister but deep down we all love each other same with parents I know for sure that everyone has at least one memory that everyone in the family remembers. My family’s is this we were having a family gathering I think it was thanks giving and we were playing twister and dad fell on his face we all laughed then went to see if he was Okay he was fine so laughed some more. I fell on the ground because I was laughing so hard and these are the things that make a home a home you sometimes don’t know are there. like when you fight with family and laugh with family or get a first pet with your family. It’ s the little moments that make it a home our home as family. We stand up for one another. My family has a little saying no troll left behind I think it is funny sometimes I don’t relive just how lucky I am to have a home but the most important thing I when I think of home. I think of family it does not matter if I’m on the streets as long as my family is near I’m home.