Grade 5


When I Think About Home

When I Think About Home.

When I think about home I see my dog running happily
I think about not having a home and I think about it sadly,
When I’m at home I share my talents
With Mom keeping our family balanced,
In the past years my mom had cancer
But I got threw not knowing if there was a answer,
But I was strong
And my mom will live lifelong,

Home is where you think great things
And spread your wings,
If I won this competition
I would try to be a better citizen,
Home is where I’m safe from a storm
And if there is one I’ll always be warm,
I’m writing this poem
Because everybody needs a home,

Home is where I can be me
Home is where I’m free,
When I think about home I see
That I want to help people and I hope many people agree.