Grade 6


When I Get Home…

At about 5 o’clock my mom drives me back from school, my mom and I listen to music or the news. Then we either go to pick up my brother from school or he takes the bus. When we finally get home at about 5:30-6:00 my mom opens the door and my cat is there to greet us. She meows incessantly until I or my brother pick her up. Next I take a break for a little bit, and start my homework while my mom makes dinner. My work is usually done in 30 minutes with breaks. Then I eat dinner and listen to music. Next I practice saxophone for 15-20 minutes. Then finish any more homework. I read for about 20 minutes and say good night to mom she closes the door and I go to sleep.
In conclusion home is a place to feel safe and warm, home is one of my favorite places to be.