Grade 6


When I Come Home

When I come home

When I come home,
The sun is shining.
I hear the birds chirping.
While the fire is burning

When I come home,
I feel protected in the hardest times.
Its like there is a wall surrounding me that nobody can climb.
There is no such thing as danger.
My home is where I am safe and sound.

When I come home,
I don’t hear peace and quiet.
The screaming is from my brothers watching hockey.
The smell from the kitchen is the food my mom prepared.
The living room represents all the memories we’ve shared.

When I come home,
the noise I hear in my head is just the loud music playing at night.
When I wake up, all I hear is silence in sight.
The definition of my home is family and love.
My home is somewhere where I could feel my happiness.

When I come home,
I never want to leave.
I feel happy from all the love that I receive.
Its really sad for the people who need homes.
That’s why it’s really special and should be cherished.