Grade 6

British Columbia

What’s The Meaning of Home?

Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home? Home is not a house. It’s a place you store your favorite memories; times of achievement and heart break. Home should make you feel at peace. No matter if your rich or poor, the love and connection between you and your home never changes. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like on the outside, it’s what matters on the inside. Moving can be challenging, but once you get use to your new home, you find peace and joy. No home is ever toxic, and if it was, it wouldn’t be a home to you or your family. If it was toxic, it would make you feel insecure with yourself. What should your home be like? There are no rules, just as long as you respect all races, genders, and colours. In my home, there are some challenges and hard times. There’s fighting and yelling, but no home is perfect and will ever be. We must learn to forgive and forget, and that is what brings a home together!