Grade 6

Victoria B.C.
British Columbia

What’s the Difference

What’s the Difference?

The difference between house and home? It depends on who you ask.
Some people say that they are the same thing.
Not to me. A house is a building, with no family, no heart, no soul.
It is plain, no contents, no nothing.
A home is a place where you take your first steps, where you play pass in the backyard.
It is a safe place.
Whether it is a street, a condo, or a house, or even something like a blanket.
A home is where you wake up in the morning to the smell of your
Dad making chocolate pancakes.
The place you come home to in the morning after your first sleepover.
It’s a safe place to cry after a hard day.
It’s a place where you are comfortable in any situation.
You can feel any emotions and have your mom or dad always comfort you.
When you have a broken leg, home is a place where you will heal faster no matter what.
When you think about it, home is a bigger topic than you think.

So, the difference between house and home is, home has a heart and a loving family inside, and a house doesn’t.
A house is just a building, waiting for a heart and a family to come inside to stay.
A house can be very big, but still be empty, but, a home can be very small and make a very big difference.