Grade 6


What’s the Difference

What’s the Difference?

A house. A house is a place that contains joy. Happiness. A place were its your own and

No one will interfere with your time alone. Look at the people without a house, look how

Happy they are, their eyes overflowing wit joy, their body language resembles jubilation.

You want to know why? Because of love, happiness, a bond nobody could break. Nobody. Now

imagine if they had a house. How much more happiness, trust they will gain. Do you want

steal that from them? A family’s bond, love, trust, care, happiness is what creates a home.

Not the brick, cement or wood. But the brick, cement and wood is what contains all of those

Emotions. So, let me ask you? Do you want to help them contain those emotions? Remember…

everyone deserves a home. Those emotions are home, but how do you contain them?

You build… build a structure that brings warmth, safety and shelter. That structure is called a

house not a home. Until someone brings their family and bring life to the house is when the

house becomes a home. The way they bring life to the house is by bringing in love, trust,

care, happiness. I told you that a home is your family’s feelings, but you need a place to contain

it, so help them, help family’s who need a place to contain those emotions… remember a

shelter is a house, a structure. So, make it a home.