Grade 4

Elm Hill
New Brunswick

What’s a home?

A home is an important to every one that has a home. Not a lot of people have homes some live in cars. If someone does not have a home you should help them find a place to stay. Others live in vehicles or on the streets.

A family is important because they take care of you. Not everyone has a family. Some lose family members. A lot of people don’t have family member. Some family members leave. And some pass away. Some people have family members but they leave.

Memories are special things. You make a lot of memories in a home. But if you move away you start to forget those memories. Once you forget those memories you don’t remember. Most people move and remember but not everyone does.

Safety is very important. Safety is when you have someone to keep you safe. Some people don’t have anyone that keeps them safe. Some people are not in a safe place. Safety is about you living somewhere safe.

I am glad that I have a home. I am safe because I have a family. Some people don’t have people to keep them safe. A lot of people don’t have anyone. It is important.