Grade 6


What’s a Home to Me?

Home is not where you come from, its where you make it. Home is where you touch fluffy cushions. It is where you make family. Also. Where you learn to talk and have fun. Where you can feel free and have your first holiday. Where you can lay by the fire. And listen to the crackles of the fire. Where you can unleash your wild side and run around the house because you are free. In your home you can be you. Yet you might have to do your chores, but it will help you in life. Home is when you get back from a long trip and you can flop on your bed and rest. Home is where memories are made and to come. Home is where you can feel greasy. prickly, grassy feel pigs on your couch resting. You can have a mom that spoils the pig more then you when it your birthday because it’s also her birthday. Even though the pig gets into the trash. home is where you here laugh and greasy pigs’ hooves clopping against the floor. Home is where you don’t have to hear you sisters in your room where I learn ed to draw, and to make your room your own. To have a sea type blue in your room. Home is where you eat you first hotdog and drink your first root beer. Where you hug your parents. To hide yourself when you are not okay. Home is a special place and you should be happy to have on because some people don’t have a roof over their heads like you do. Home smells like homemade bread swaying through the air. This is what home is to me.