Grade 6


What you need for a home

For a home you need a heart. The heart is the family. The family is the love of the heart. Is the family’s love ever questioned? No, because everyone loves each other and that’s how a home works. You know how blood is really important for your body like electricity is really important for the house? Your blood doesn’t give up on you and your body, just as the electricity doesn’t give up on you and your house. It might go out sometimes but it never gives up because a home, family, and community work together to fix it. You need a brain in a home, like in a body, but the brain in the home is a little different because the brain in a home is all of the people in the home putting their heads together and thinking but, the brain in the body is you deciding. An important task in a home is working together because a home is teamwork or it will all fall apart. Everybody everywhere needs some help, especially in a home. A home is made out of helping hands. Working together is the best way to get things done, like on the body you have the hands to work. In a family, you don’t just need hands, but, you need helping hands to keep a house really great, safe and working well. This is just like what Habitat for Humanity is doing. Everybody should help people in need with their big helping hands!