Grade 6

British Columbia

what you do at home

Home is a place you can sleep
on your bed
sometimes thinking of sheep.

Home is where you store the books you’ve read.
Those books are stuff,
you also eat stuff on bread

Your pillows are full of fluff
in your bed with Ted the Bear
and right there is your dog going ruff!

It’s totally unfair
that some people don’t have a home.
I’m literally writing this poem because I care.

Home is where some people use a comb
or play games,
even just search stuff on chrome.

At home Jeff tames
a horse who says hi
and has a bonfire with flames.

At home you might tie
your shoelaces
or maybe even cry.

In your backyard you might have races
or play soccer
or have special stuff in cases.

You might be a talker
someone who’s alone
or a walker.

At home you might eat a scone,
or give your dog a bone.

You will probably sort pants
Hopefully have fun
And maybe get rid of ants
Everyone deserves a home