Grade 5


What The Meaning of Home is to Me

I think that the meaning of home is… well, your main place to be. Your shelter. Your place to stay. Home can mean many things, but I think home means your place to be. The place that your life circles around. I am very, very lucky to have a home and many people in the world don’t have what I have so I do not take homes lightly. Homes and a place to be are everything. Comfort, warmth, your place that helps you define yourself. Yet many people don’t have a home.

My home is not expensive. It is just an average home that my family lives in. There is nothing special. Yet, my family prays every day thanking God for everything, mostly a place to live. We don’t go out and eat at restaurants that much. We are just fine with my dad’s cooking which I think is amazing. Our house fits our entire family which is 6 people. We are very thankful for all we have. We donate $5 to charity every Sunday at church which is about $260 donated a year. Other than that, we enjoy being home with the warmth of our house and our air conditioning. I feel safe in my home and my home does a fine job on keeping me safe, keeping my family healthy.

I remember every time I drove past homeless living under a bridge in Toronto and my mom gave them $5. This gives respect to the homeless and gives them hope that they will have a cozy home someday. I am thankful that there are organizations like Habitats for Humanity to help the homeless with homes to have. So, in 2019, we’re going to give homes to the homeless and share the love!