Grade 6

British Columbia

What the meaning of home is to me

Ever since I was in another country I always thought that home was the place you live and only thought that but ever since I’ve moved to Canada I’ve been proven wrong. Now I realize what home actually means, Home doesn’t have to be where you are right now it doesn’t have to be a structure or have to be covered in some sort of way. To me it means family friends no matter where you are, or maybe what you enjoy doing like your job or your hobbies. For example your hobby could be drawing or sports that could be your home. A home doesn’t have to be a house. It could be your dearest memories from your childhood, from meeting your being in kindergarten and making friends to graduating college or university with a smile on your face. Why would your friend be your home to you? well maybe because they were by your side this entire time cheering you on. Your family, because they’ve supported you all this way. Your home also doesn’t have to be that it can also be a place that you love, or maybe the community. The community does so much for all of us and you’ve done the community a favor for being there. Maybe a place because it brought back some loving memories. In summary, a home doesn’t have to be a house, it can be anything you want your home to be, it could even be your imagination.