Grade 5


What my Home Sounds like and Feels Like to Me

What My Home Sounds and Feels Like to Me
My home is safe and calm when the sun is not out to stay and I’m sad my family will brighten my day.
When winter comes and you are cold and numb home is a place warm and fun.
Home has memories you can’t replace it’s like a gift from the human race.
Mom Dad you make me glad, you work as hard you can to make me happy I don’t like when sad it makes me droopy.
You share a home with the ones you love with a roof up above.
With food in your house not even a mouse can ruin that house.
A home comes from the heart the love with in you can’t erase.
Your pets will jump and play that will do that every day.
Home is not a house it’s a place to keep warm without a doubt.


By: Adriana