Grade 5


What My Home Means To Me

My home is my happy place when I’m feeling down someone in my house always cheers me up when I’m hurt or bullied me someone in my house is standing up for me but If I didn’t have a home no one will cheer me up or when I’m hurt or bullied no one will stand up for me It’s not only me it’s all the homeless people there are kids as well so I want to help the homeless

First, home is my happy place because it is where I make memories. I have made lots of memories in my home. If we help the homeless they can make good happy memories and they can live a good life. It will not be fair if we make happy memories they can make their family happy with good memories.

If I make people in my family happy why can’t we make homeless people they don’t have food and we have cupboards full of food.We can help them get a home help them get food they can have a soft bed not sleeping on sidewalks we just see them sleeping on the sidewalk and not helping them.

Home is more than 4 walls and a roof. It not a house it’s my heart if I have a home right now i would be l would be living on the streets sleeping on the sidewalk begging for help. But I am not poor but i want to help people that are in need you cannot judge someone by their cover so help me to help the homeless

If you’re living on the streets don’t worry help is coming on the way.You won’t be living on the streets soon.