Grade 6


What My Home Means To Me

My home is a place I will never leave
It is the place I grew starting as a little seed
It is a place I can be me
It is a place of My friends and family
Home is the place where adventures appear
Like magic that doesn’t seem quite clear
A place where I have great friends
And feel supported til each day ends
Home reminds me who i am
My home is where I feel confident,
loved And happy
And when those days come where I am upset
Home comes and sits with me
Home is my best friend
Home will be there no matter what
Home is a place that I enjoy
A place where I know amazing people
Home is where dreams become a reality
Home is there with me day by day
It is a place that shines brighter than the sun rays
It is a place where my sister and I will have fun
Home is a place where the sun never goes down
And in the silence love is passed around
Home is a place where it never goes dark
The love that lives here stronger than any other i know
Which truly makes a Home glow
A home is Beautiful
But what makes a home is the love that we share
A place that is made of love that always glows
And then I will always know
That home is a place that I will never let go

* And I cannot go one day without thinking about The ones suffering from no shelter,no food, no love and only fear, and I could not feel anything other than complete sadness for them and i think everyone should have a home,all beings of the world should have a home

̈”̈May all the beings of the world find peace and happiness”

This is what My Home Means To Me.