Grade 5

British Columbia

What My Home Means to Me

What My Home Means To Me

My home is very important to me because it gives me shelter and warmth, it gives me and my family each a room to sleep and play, a kitchen to cook and eat, two other room’s to play games and watch TV with my family. Down stairs there’s the entrance with a couple shoes and some hung jackets. Next, walk through the door to the laundry room where we wash all our clothes. Then, turn right and there’s another room to where a guest or two can stay. To the left another door there’s a garage, full of some tools and a couple bikes and scooters. Back to the laundry room, walk through another door, walk into a playroom with all of our toys like air hockey and a foosball table and lego, through another door to finally go outside to a place where I can play with my dog and run around.