Grade 6

British Columbia

What my home means to me

What my home means to me
I think a house is a place for safety and warmth. It
provides basic needs like food, water, furniture, and
pluming. It’s a place to live.
My home is a place to be close to family. Its where I feel
joy, laughter, love, and fun. I have shelter and its where I
feel most safe.
I think a home is more important than a house. It’s safer,
and it has shelter. Its where you can chill with family and
have fun and invite you friends, uncle and aunt, cousins,
and grandma and grandpa.
A home to a homeless and a refugee is meaningful thing
to them. It’s a place where they feel safe and have
shelter. Theres a lot of homeless people still out there
and I hope they can have a home soon.
In conclusion my home is very important to me because
its where my family and me have fun