Grade 4


What My Home means to Me

Home is where I live and I will always love where I live because my
home is my family.Home is what brings my family together and
without my home my family will be apart.I live close to sunnybrook
and I use to live in thorsby but when my cousins came to thorsby we
Had to move to sunnybrook and we gave our house in thorsby to our
cousins and they still live there now and my family haven’t moved
since.After a few years we got a brown lab and it was a girl and we
Named her lilly but a after another year she got ran over by a car but
the next year we got another dog and it was a boy but we don’t now
What type of dog it is and we also named him cooper and we still
him.We had my brother and sister a few years before we got the dog
Cooper and we have so so many memories in our house.(: