Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What my home means to me

What my home means to me,
is where my family cares for me.
Where memories are made for all to see,
it’s also a place where family and friends gather happily.

This is a place where I’d like to grow old.
This is a place where my family is worth more than gold.

A place where I can rest,
but sadly sometime more I will have to leave this nest
A home is a place you would like to stay.
Where food is made by your family every day

It isn’t a place to feel lonely and cold,
But a place where laughter starts to grow old.
You know what the saying is,
A house is where you live but a home is where the heart is.

When I heard someone could be out there without a home.
but then I think at least a place where love can roam.
That makes me want to cry out,
But without a doubt, I really want to help them out.

Charities and Foundations are helping to make a change,
by asking us to write words on a page.
By writing this poem for all to see,
I am helping them build a home for someone in need,
where people can live and where someone can be.

All of us should try making a change,
to help someone out at first it may feel strange.
By writing poems what home means to you,
it can make you happy too.
When you can see their smile on their faces.
It makes you happy that they have a place, to feel at home no matter what race.

I want to help some more,
more than writing a poem for you but unfortunately that is all
I can do.