Grade 6


what my home means to me

What home means to me ,

I went to bed ,

To lie my head ,

To think of the ways i love my home,

My home is tall and wide,

And covered in the precious items,

The items that make me feel happy and lots of things,

I feel proud of myself when i look at those items,

But my family makes me feel all the things,

I feel safe when my mom gives me a hug,

I feel proud of me when my dad teaches me something new ,

I feel happy when my brother and i agree,

I feel loved when the dog comes and gives me a big lick on the cheek,

When i think of home,

The home does not make the home,

It’s the family ,

That makes you feel home ,

No matter big or small,

The home is the place where i feel home,

Its the home were my family feels safe ,

And loved ,

And we all need a home ,