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What My Home Means To Me

About three years ago, I moved from my apartment in Israel to a new house in Canada. I was so sad because I had so many memories with my friends and family and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had lots of pictures and videos of me having the best time of my life. As I was driving away on the bus, I looked at my house slowly drifting away. When I went on the plane I could not stop thinking about the fact that I am not going to see my home for such a long time, but then the thought came to me. I am going to have a new home that’s going to bring happiness for my family just like my other home did.

When we finally moved, the house looked so fresh and new which did not really remind me of my other house in Israel. After a few months of living in my house, I started decorating everything with the things I have brought from my home in Israel. It felt welcoming, fun, peaceful and it felt just like home.