Grade 6


What My Home Means to Me

My home is where I feel warm, happy, and comfy. I’m lucky because I have an awesome brother who’s very funny, and nice. A dog who’s very cuddly and annoying. And a mother who’s funny, nice, tries to help me when I’m sad or struggling, and who gets us a place to sleep, eat and drink. My home is where I facetime my friends, sleep and annoy my brother. My house is quiet and messy, colourful and old, and it might not look that big from the outside but to me it is enormous on the inside. My home is where I like to be all the time.
To me a home is where I can have privacy, respect, and lots of laughs. It’s a place where you can be comfortable to talk to people about your problems, share things, and gossip. I know that I am loved there and that I am appreciated.
This is what home means to me.