Grade 4


What My Home Means To Me!

My home gives me happiness and it gives me love. My favorite game is Roblox because I could play with my sister. I love to play with my baby sister and sometimes I also teach her how to walk.

My home is the right place for me because I could make pillow forts in the living room. I enjoy spending lots of time with my sister. I love my room because it has a bunk bed and I love the top because it is the perfect place to read story books.

My home is a magical place in the living room because my TV takes me on adventures. Sometimes my shows take me to an island or on a long rollercoaster. The living room is the perfect place whenever my family and I want to watch a very good movie.

The kitchen is fun because I can make some food with my sister, and my twin sister of course. I also help my mom to make some homemade bread. It smells delicious in the house every time.

My home is special to me because I have a roof over my head and many kids don’t unfortunately. We also have wonderful neighbors that make us laugh. We enjoy their company.

My favourite place in my home is my mom and dad’s room because it is a big room! We love to jump around and play with my baby sister and tickle her.

My home is always in my heart!