Grade 6


What my home means to me

Hello you might want to know what home means to other people if you want to know what home means to me you should keep reading. Home for me is the place where you should be comfortable and feel safe and a place you enjoy.

Home is a place that you come from. If I came from Manitoba but moved to Ontario I would still consider Manitoba as my home even if I don’t live there anymore because that is where I grew up it would still consider Manitoba home even if you live somewhere else.

Home is also the place where you live even if you come from a different place. You can live and come from different places but consider them both home. It is ok to consider more than one place home.

At home you should feel safe and secure because that is where you live. It is important that you feel safe in the place you live. It is a place you should feel safe to express feelings, questions, or concerns. Even if there is a war or something in your home you should still consider it somewhat safe.

In conclusion home is a place you live/lived in your life. Even if your home is far away it is still your home. You should always feel comfortable and safe in your home because it is your home. Now home for me is the place I was born/lived and consider more than one or two places your home and that’s ok.