Grade 6


What my home means to me

Hello habitat for humanity recipients,homes are the same or there different with their own unique buildings they are the same and that we should be happy for what we have but if we didn’t have enough money to afford what would happen to us now.

What home means to me is that it makes me feel safe like out there in the public there is Coronavirus that out there you could not have the supplies or the money to get them. And that you have your parents to help you do the right thing. Like if there are people outside and you don’t know what to do you have your parents to help to be with you and that home will make you safe and very warm inside and that you are protected from everything around us that is bad.

What home also means to me is that there is food always on the table when we are home from school/work and we have tables to put the plate of food on there. And that we all eat but before we do that we have to take a shower since we just came back from school.That I am thankful I have a house to put a table in and that I would have the plate of food on my table.

Home means to me is life because I would right now be homeless and I would be very homeless.That I would be thankful to my parents right now for buying a house for our family that I am very thankful right now for what all my parents gave me to have to help in my daily needs and to survive in life that I should respect what I have and be thankful for what I have.

Home also means to me is my family that all my life I was protected by my family.We do a lot of things in my like doing homework, doing chores and more stuff I do with my family that I have a lot of company and something to do while my parents do their work.And I respect my parents work because they do busy work like probably buying a new house for us to live in and I give respect.

Home means to me is that it makes me who I am.The reason why is that all this time I thought a house is just a plain house that it doesn’t matter about it.But now I see people spending a lot of money on houses and some people can’t even afford them at all which is very sad.So now I figured that since that happens when you think about it, it kind of part of my personality.

So now I told you everything of what home means to me that it is not just a house and it is not the outside of the house that matters but it is the inside that counts for every house in the world so remember it is not the outside but it is the inside that counts.