Grade 5


What My Home Means To Me

When I step into this place every day I feel nothing, nothing has changed, when you just sit, wait, or stand there for a moment listen to what it’s saying.

My home is a safe and a happy place, the memories to cherish and love that races round.

It makes me feel alive and cheerful, the things to do, and books to read.

These wonderful things my house holds, it stands on its feet, for me to be happy and have a good sleep.

My house is the one thing that keeps my memories inside.

All the walls keep me in from the disasters outside but also lets me see all the flowers and sunshine.

My family who’s here by my side will be in this very home till the day I die.

A home is where you make mistakes, where you fall and get up no matter your race.

A home can be not a house but just a place you make choices and can make a change.

My home makes me feel not afraid but strong, I can share all my things and do what is not wrong but even if I do, I have you and my family to tell me what is right from wrong.

My home is where I am happy, become angry, and sad, where I throw a tantrum and get grounded when I’m very mad but I learn from my mistakes and find my true passion.

Doing what I love most will make me very happy.