Grade 6

Indian Head

What My Home Means to Me

What My Home Means to Me
My home is an area I can finally call mine. Home is where I share connections with friends and family around me. Home is a place I go after school and can feel welcomed by my parents. My home, to me, is a very safe place. My safe place is somewhere I am able to show my true colours and put my talents to a good use. Home is where I am never bored and always have something to do. Home is where I am free to do as I please and I’m able to have more fun. Celebrations that come once a year are special and unique to me. All memories belong in my home and they’ve been there since the day we moved until now. Home is where I am able to explore without a worry in the world. Home is a peaceful place and quiet where I’m able to wind down and relax. My home is somewhere I will never forget, to me it is special, but to others maybe not. I know my home very well. I love everyone and everything in my home.
By: Talise