Grade 6


What my Home Means to Me

At the end of the day,

It feels good to be home and play.

Me and my family are lucky to have a home,

But some people don’t have one, not even a dome.

Home is where my joy grows and grows.

As fast a boats paddles go row and row.

I may get in fights with my sister,

But I would be nothing without her.

Home is a place where families spend quality time.

Like when a poem has a perfect rhyme.

If I didn’t have this roof above me,

I would only feel the emotion of fear and flee.

My home is where me and my family do activities,

And they protect me and my sister after we get stung by bees.

My home is a place where memories attach to other memories or start.

It could even go as fast as a dart.

Home is the beginning of every adventure and the ending.

And it never starts descending.

Homes are the most important in these times.

And don’t silent like mimes.

People need homes.

Like fragile items need certain kinds of foams.

Home is the most important to me.

And it they are not free…

Please think of the homeless.

Because they are not going to lose hope, more not less.

Home is where new life’s start, and we need to help those who began their life in a box