Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What My Home Means To Me

When I first think of home, I think of family. Family that’s there for you with open arms, ready to embrace you after a hard day. Family that you know you can talk to about ANYTHING.

I also know that my home is a part of me, so I should be a part of it. I know that I should help out whenever I can, no matter if it’s cleaning up messy spots, respecting the walls and all of the little nooks and crannies, or remembering to try not to drip water on the wall!

Home should be a cozy place, where you can cuddle up and just feel safe. For me, my home is exactly that. I just love to cozy up on the couch with a blanket and read, or watch a show with my parents. I also love that feeling where you’re all warm and sleepy under your toasty blankets, lying in bed. I think EVERYONE deserves that feeling, knowing that you are safe, living in your home.

My home is somewhere that I can be myself, where I can connect with my neighbors, and feel safe and protected. My home is a part of ME, and I know that it will be, forever and always. I also know that everyone, no matter what the circumstances are, deserves a place that they know they can call home.