Grade 6


What My Home Means to Me

My home means everything in the world to me,
It is a place to rest
It is a place to be at ease
When everything and everyone are brought together.
It is where I play
It is where I sleep
It is where I am meant to be.

A house and a home are different
They stand apart in meanings
A house is simply a building
With walls, windows and doors,
A home is something different
And it means so, so much more.

A home is a place where my family is
It’s a place where stories are read
I love my home with all my heart
I love it because it’s where my life starts,
My home is mine and mine to keep
I shall keep it safe
No matter what comes up ahead.

So remember this
Your home will be yours and yours to keep
It is where you rest, It is where you sleep
It is where you play, It’s where you work
It’s where you love and laugh,
It’s something you keep in your heart forever.

So the next time you look at a house
Compare it to a home,
It will show you something else
Because it means so much more,
Love your home the way it is
Because there’s nothing better than a home that’s yours.