Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What My Home Means To Me

My Home is where I laugh
and play.
It’s also where I learn all
Its where I clean myself
for the week
and play and laugh
With my brother
All week.
It’s also were
I cry from my tumbles
and where I get better so I can
keep laughing through
out the day.
My home is what keeps
Me warm
And protects me from
storms and blizzards.
Its where I eat breakfast,
lunch and supper
and all my broccoli.
My home is what keeps warm
at night
and it’s where I can relax after
a long school
But not everyone has a place to call home.
Or spend time with your family
So close.
Instead they spends there days
trying to fill a cup up with money.
On the streets cold or snowy.
Or in the heat burning and dizzy.
Not having a place to call home.
So that’s why we donate
To the shelters.
Till they can build a place
for people to call home.
So I am very thankful
for a roof over my head
and food on the table
and to have a place to
Call home.