Grade 4

British Columbia

What My Home Means To Me

To me my home means safety and security.
S – Smiling when I open
the front door.
A – A place where I feel
F – Fun and laughter with
my family.
E – Entering a home full of
T – Thinking of how happy
I am to have a home.
Y – You can always count
on your family.

S – Sleeping happily in a
warm bed.
E – Estatic that i have a
secure home to live in.
C – Creating beautiful
memories with family.
U – Utilizing everything my
home has to offer.
R – Returning home
makes me feel happy.
I – I love the safety and
security of my home.
T – Thinking how blessed I
am to have a home.
Y – Your local Habitat for
Humanity can make
this possible.