Grade 6

British Columbia

What My Home Means to Me

Why is my home, home to me let’s start off with memories. In my “home I have a lot” Like when me and my brothers went fishing with Papa, Or when my brothers and my mom,dad, and I went to the waterslides.

One of the best memories I had was a trip to Victoria. My whole family went, and we stayed there for 2 weeks. We took a Fairy Boat and we were on the fairy boat for 10 hours. Once we arrived at Victoria we got a hotel and went to sleep when everyone was awake we went down stairs and got breakfast. That day we went on a small journey in Victoria there was a place called China Town at the time. I like Pokemon and they had Pokemon cards there so I got some cards and that made me happy. After that we went to the beach and went shell hunting, That was pretty much for that day. The next day for breakfast We went to Burger King which was yummy but one thing about the place was weird because it was partly underground I can’t remember the rest.

The reason why my home is a home to me. While It’s a home because I have my family there and my pets to cuddle if I get sad or lonely. In my room I have my bed, dresser, toys to play with and also there is food, drinks. And if I get bored I have my ipad, ps4 to watch movies or if I have friends over we watch movies. Have fun eat pizza or If it’s a nice day out my brothers, Dad, and I go out dirt biking/ quading for about 5 hours.

The smell of my home
The smell of my home smells good because when I get home my Dad is always making dinner. And like the smell of all 3 of the cats also the smell of french toast. When I was 3 I would get up and smell french toast for breakfast as well as a movie. Sometimes it smells bad because my brothers and my dad fart. Or if it’s a cold day outside and we are all inside and we would have a hot chocolate, which smells good, and tastes good.
And that’s why the memories, furniture and smell makes it my home. The End!!!