Grade 4


What My Home Means To Me

A home could be anything and anywhere, home is where your family is. It’s where you see smiles, memories, love, and personal belongings.

My home is where I grow up. I get cared for there. I see my room when I think of home. I think of a smile when I think of home.

Everyone I think should think of the small things in life like, a smile across the room and a hug in the night, and the big things in life like food and clothes and a family, and a home. Everyone should appreciate the things in life because some people don’t have a home.

A home is a great place to be. It’s the place to be in tough times and happy times. It’s the best place to be in life, it’s where you grow up. Even if you move, home is where your family is. Your favourite stuff is food, your room, your clothes, your pets, your siblings.

Home is a place to be you, and you only, no one else. If there is your love, your care, your cooperation, your life is in a house, a motel, or anywhere else, that is where your family is. Home is where you see smiles, love, your family, and important stuff. Know matter where you are you will be safe with whoever you’re with.

A home will give you, memories, emotions, motivation. A home is a lot of things, a place to be safe, a place to be warm, a place to be you, a place you go when you hang out with friends. When you do not know where to be, than home is the place to be!
I wrote this because a home is the place to be and means so much to me!