Grade 4


What My Home Means to Me

What my home means to me is that it is my life, my place of warmth. It means everything to me. I love my home and I never want to move. My home is also where me and my family live, which means I get to see my family everyday. And I love them too. My home is where I sleep, where I live and where I get ready for each and every day. My home also is my place of happiness. My home also has my two cute and cuddly cats which I love too. I have a beautiful lawn and a beautiful lake behind my home. I get ready for school in my home. I am so grateful for having a home. Without my home my heart would not feel complete. My home is comfortable for me and my family. My home is where my friends come over to play and have fun. My home is where I eat food and drink water. My home is where my heart is and I never want to change that ever.