Grade 5


What my Home Means to Me

Home means I get to feel safe. I get to be with my family even if my house is small or big it just suits me and my family. We get to have privacy when we need it. My family and I take care of our house because we are thankful for what we have in our house.
Our family home gives us a place to be free and have fun, a place to live. My house is there to keep me and my family warm. We get to have a roof over our heads. What makes my house a home is family and love that goes around my house. Our home keeps us safe and full of happiness. We can enjoy home and home cooked meals. What my home is to me is to warmth and safety. Me and my family are home because we are happy, safe and with all that our house has to offer us in life. I love how my house offers my family care and love. That is why my house is special to me.