Grade 4


What My Home Means to Me

At my home I feel loved. At home I feel warm, all comfortable. I just feel all warm inside. When I’m at home I feel happy, because all of my friends care about me.

I love my home because all of my friends live close to me. I Love my home because my aunty and uncle and cousin live right beside me.

I love my home because I always have a hot meal in front of me at dinner and lunch and breakfast.

At school I sit beside or with my friends.

My family cares about me. Sure I don’t like some things, butIi still love them and they still love me.

I have eight animals and two sisters that are older than me and one brother and a mom and a dad.

We all care about each other. I have really fun and nice teachers and we do a lot of work sometimes.

I love to cook and bake sometimes I make my own soup for lunch. At home I like to be crazy or really lazy. I sometimes like to tell jokes. I have a lot of play dates with my friends. I really like to play with my brother sometimes. I really like my home.