Grade 5


what my home means to me

My home means alot to me because when I am at home I feel safe because when you are inside your home and there is a animal outside you feel safe inside because the animal can not get in the house ,and in my home I also feel that I have so many memories in my Home like I have so many pictures that showed all my memories and also we Celebrate holidays, like new years eve so whenever we celebrate the holidays we also take videos we also take a video when we were little, my home means so much to me that it has fun stuff to do and lots of love in my house and when I Talk about fun stuff I mean of lots of fun, me my sister and my mom all do lots of fun stuff like drawing colouring making slime, and baking cookies, we also watch lots of movies at home, it also makes me feel comfortable because my mom and my sister are both with me all the time

and I feel healthy to because they help me eat healthy food, so my home has even more things that my home means about to me, I also love my home because it is nice and warm inside, and I think my home is my protection and it is my habitat.

And that is what my home means to me