Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What my home means to me

What my home means to me.

What happy memories
that live in this house
laughter around the dinner table
happiness in the house
however you want to explain it
is the way you are going to go
other tears for sadness
or laughter for very funny times
you can name your house
a very pretty or funny name
home is where family and friends were invited
to eat and share funny memories
is the place called home

however much you love your home
it is where love will always be
where that puppy you got for Christmas
chewed up your brand new shoes
the happy and not so happy moments
that is where they lie
the best and worst of times
home is where you find comfort
the place that made everyone happy
is where you want to go
that is called home

Written by: Michela Bona
École Mer et monde (Grade 6)