Grade 4


What My Home Means To Me

You just must think your home is just a place that is where you sleep and eat but, it is a place to feel loved or where you have and make memories and friendship.
But it’s more important than you think. Everyone’s home is one of the best places to be. Stressful days at school, you go home you can feel that nice refreshing smell of your house. And if you have pets you love when they get excited and they jump on you like a super dog. The sad thing is some people don’t even have a home.

Go deep down and remember all the memories you have, in the same home or one moved from recently. Or thinking about all the fun you have time with your family. Or sometimes if your family has pictures of memories like if you went to a trip to Disneyland. It’s nice to think about all the fun times you spent with your family and friends at your house. Or If your ancestors have lived at your house before you. Like if your house has been passed down hundred of thousands of year’s.

My home is one of the most comfortable places to be. I hope your home is too. But some people don’t even have a home that is why I am writing this . To try to make money to help people in need or don’t have much as me. So I can write one too because any person that made one someone will give $10. You can win an iPad if your writing gets chose to be the best one about homes. It’s not all about winning the iPad it’s about raising money to help people in need . Imagine if you were one of those people and you were living on the street and there is no such thing as the mustard seed or any shelters to go stay at so that’s why I am trying to raise money for any of those people in need. So please if you have the time to write one of these please do to help the homeless.