Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What my home is to me

What my home is to me is a place for love, comfort, and joy! It’s where you eat delicious meals and laugh around the table. Where you know you can trust and tell all your secrets, where you can grieve and get better. Have friends over and make lots of and make lots of memories! See your pets family and friends after a long day. They help you a lot even though sometimes you don’t know. Spread love all over the air! Tell people how grateful you are for your home, food, family, and friends.

I love the feeling of having a home but I’m sad to say that not everyone has a home and it shouldn’t be that way. So use your voice. You have that choice, go have your say. Because everyone needs and deserves a home! So help make sure that happens. Help show you care and love. Everyone deserves a home. The children, the women and the men dogs and cats all need a home, food, clothes. So yet again I must say be thankful and happy for your home or place to stay, and all you have! Not everyone has a home like mine and I’m very grateful for all I have.