Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What my Home is Like Everyday

The sound of my mom curling her hair.
The sound of my brother’s fighting fills the air.
The sound of the news playing in the living room.
And the sound of my pillow rubbing up against my ear.

My brother’s friends knocking on the door.
My dog rubbing his butt all over the floor.
My mom being a fool thinking I am asleep at night.
The sound of my brother’s getting in another fight.

I see my gray walls and my white roof.
My green water bottle my dad’s taking to get ready for school.

I feel my soft warm sheets
And my soft warm pillows.
The soft but hairy dog
And my cold book laying on my stomach.

I smell my delicious breakfast.
And my stinky dog.
And my mom’s disgusting hairspray.

I can taste my chocolate muffin for breakfast.
I can taste my pillow’s disgusting hair.
And I can taste my dry mouth.