Grade 6


What My Home Gives To Me

My house is made of bricks and wood. And a little bit of love and happiness too. But that is just a house. Let me tell you what a home really means to me.

Home is where I can see my family. Home is a place I can act all funny. Whenever I have a bad day, home is where I like to stay.

You can build a house but it wouldn’t be a home. Home is something that means a lot to me. It’s where you can go to laugh and play, and have a big smile on your face. It’s where a family will support you and help you in any way.

I am grateful for my home because it makes me feel safe. It makes nice and warm memories that I can cherish anytime of the day.

It makes me sad to see people on the streets without any home. That is why I write this letter to whoever does not have a home. I know life can be hard, but I know that you can make it. Be strong. I want to help in any way I can because people on the streets are just like you and me.

The truth is that twenty percent of the world’s population do not have a place to call home. We are very lucky to have a home because it’s somewhere we can go and be ourselves.

We can help spread awareness about homelessness. What does having a home mean to you? Is it more than just wood and bricks? Or is it a place that will make you think, “Finally I’m back from school and now and I can go lay down.”

Everyone deserves the safety and dignity that a home brings.