Grade 5

British Columbia

What my definition of home is

To me, home to me does not mean house. I feel that a home is wherever you chose to make it. It does not have to be a house. Your home can be in the middle of nowhere and I would still acknowledge it as a home. No one can make the decision where your home is ,except for you. Your home is just a place you feel content or at ease. We can have different ideas of what home means. You might picture home as a house, but I don’t see it that way and that’s ok.
Make your home feel more central to you. One of the many things you can do is paint your walls with colors or put up paintings of your favourite possessions. If you feel uncomfortable in a place, it is not your home in my opinion. I find peace of mind putting up birdhouses so a family of birds will find use for it. Or maybe even make it their home. It makes me feel cheerful knowing that I may help a multitude of birds. I paint birdhouses with an assortment of colors, so it might feel more like a home to a flock.
I assume it’s nice to have traditions in your family. It brings everyone together and makes where your home is to sense livable or homey. One of my home traditions is putting a cleansed jar outside in the full moon to make moon water. When you have your moon water you can use it in witchcraft. Sorcery is calming and brings me feel content. I concentrate on appropriating witchcraft supplies. I bet you have objects or activities that make you feel pleasure right?