Grade 6

New Brunswick

What My Awesome and Beautiful Home Means to Me

In your home you should feel safe. I know I do and my home is a safe, warm, comfortable and fun.

Feeling Safe
Home means to me a safe place.
Where I can share personal stuff about myself safely.
I can be myself and that is important !!
I have a safe roof over my head because God will keep me safe. And I have a nice fire to cuddle up beside on cold nights and a family.
I have a nice welcoming home to come home to everyday.

Be Comfy

I am comfortable in my home because I know I can come home to a wonderful, warm and delicious dinner with my peaceful family.
I can be in my warm bed whenever I want and that feels good.
And when I lay in my warm bed at night I think of other Canadians and people over the world with nothing they are homeless and that make me really, really sad.
I also have a wonderful family. Even if and when we fight, we still no matter what will stick together and we will also have a safe home.

Thank you God oh so much for a wonderful life you have provided me with. All the safeness and needs you’ve met.
It feels good to be loved and have a home.

That is the end by Eden Little