Grade 4

St. Albert
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Makes My Home Special

There are lots of special things about my home. The traditions I celebrate are very special to me. I celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter, Chinese New Year, birthdays and most holidays with my family. Another special thing about my home is my bed, so comfortable and big. My clothes in my closet are also very special. I wear them and cherish them. The furniture, tv and kitchen and pantry are everyday items that are very important and special. The toys in my house are very well loved and I think that they are special. My Mom, Dad, twin sister, Hayleigh and little sister, Alicia all live in our house and are the people living in the home.

Something that makes my home special is that I’ve basically grown up in my house, making it so very special to me. I have so many happy, exciting memories in my home, which makes it even better. Hearing the laughter makes my home very, very special to me. Of course, the technology in my life is very special and important. Hearing the happiness of my family is something so special, especially when it’s not a very good day.

Back in the days when we could gather, the family dinners were very special. They are still special to me now, though, even if it’s just with my smaller family. The Christmas feasts are always delicious and I think it’s very special to have them. Being with my family is always and always will be special. On some nights, we would watch Little House on the Prairie. It teaches me respect, kindness and the true meaning of family. I would watch it with my family, making it quite special. Having a loving and caring family is VERY, VERY, VERY special to me. They believe and help me. I think that is very special to me. And last but not least, I am grateful for the books in my house. They help my education. I think that’s very special. Everybody needs a home that is special to them.