Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What makes my home a home?

To me, home is more than a building. It’s my safe space. It’s something you can always come back to, like after a long day. For me, it’s the funny and out of the ordinary things my family has. For example, my mom likes having the tv on the fireplace channel, because we don’t have an actual fireplace. Whenever I think of home, I think of that. I know I’m home when I step into my room, full of artwork and random art supplies.

Even though my brother and I fight sometimes, it wouldn’t be home without him. We do a lot of special things together, like our skiing trips with our dad. Home isn’t just what happens at your house, it’s in your heart. If my house were to disappear one day, it would still be home, as long as I had my family and all my memories.

The feeling of home is special, but so are things you have in your house. Maybe you have some special objects. For me, I have a little instax camera photo of my grandma, and a mould of my dog’s paw. These complete my home. Objects are just objects. But they can become a part of you. A part of home.

Home is hard to describe…it’s like trying to describe a feeling, or a color. It’s something you can’t sum up in words. But I know where my home is. It’s in my heart, and I will never let it leave.